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Wildflowers of Western Australia

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Hairy Jug Flower Adenanthos barbigerus
Hairy Jug Flower
All the wildflower pics in this site
taken as nature grew 'em.
Time has moved on,
the flowers all gone,
"but hey, we can still view 'em"
Blind Grass Stypandra glauca
Blind Grass
White Starflowers Calytrix tetragona
White Starflowers
Desert Wildflower
Desert Wildflower
Orange Stars Hibbertia stellaris
Orange Stars
Old Man's Beard Clematis pubescens
Old Mans Beard

Aborigine uses for Clematis pubescens.

Roots as food.
Seeds used as a poultice for aching joints.
Stem and leaf used as medicine.
Stem base used as handle for stone axe.
Root fibres woven into headbands.

Purple Enamel Orchid Elythranthera brunonis
Purple Enamel Orchid
Bristly Cottonhead Conostylis setigera
Bristly Cottonhead
Comesperma Comesperma confertum
Pimelea Daisybush Olearia pimeleoides
Pimelea Daisybush
Wiluna Wildflower
Bridgetown Wildflowers


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